Flipkart is one of the major e-commerce platforms which provides us with all the products on one platform. It has proven to be a hub for almost everything you need, whether it is a smartphone, a washing machine, jeans, pressure cooker or a pair of shoes. Flipkart has the cupboard filled!

Moreover, when Flipkart is offering more than 1,00,000 products for customers they manifest their choices and try to provide the best of deals on them. Flipkart sale comes up every month with one or the other occasion and gives jaw-dropping prices for customers. One can actually avail discount up to 80% in their Flipkart sale without even doing anything.

Flipkart Upcoming Sale 2018

Flipkart is coming up with the major discounts on Mobile Phones washing machines, etc. These upcoming sales on Flipkart  provides you the opportunity to avail all discounts on premium brands available. There are major renowned sale which offers deals like Samsung Carnival, Mi Fest, 80% off on Home appliances and much more!

  • Big Billions day sale

One of the most demanded sale of the decade! Big Billion sale usually turns out in the month of September and offers more than 50,000 products in the list. Last year the company earned a gross profit of $300 with this sale offering great discounts on Fashion apparels, Home appliances, Kitchen sets and Electronics. There is a number of brands which do affiliate themselves with this sale like HP, Hawaii, Apple, Chroma, etc.

  • Big Freedom Day sale

Big Freedom sale happens two times a year in republic week and in independence week. This sale also offers more than 60% off on major products like Electronics, Smartphones and clothing. The store also focuses to give away free prices by arranging the lucky draw contests.

  • Flipkart Diwali Sale

As the name defines the sale, Flipkart Diwali sales pops in mid-week of the Diwali and offers huge hampers and amazing discounts on all the premium brands and categories like smartphones, Laptops, LED TV, Clothes, Washing machines, Home décor and Gifts.

Flipkart has segmented its sale on the basis of occasion. For example, the store celebrates the occasion of Dhanteras and offers upto 60% off on Gold Jewelry and much more apart from this there is a constant sale which is being offered on jaw-dropping prices.

  • Flipkart Big Summer Sale

Flipkart Big summer sale comes up every year 14-16th May and provides awful experience to customers. Providing them with discount up to 90% on Clothing and Footwear, Accessories, Kitchen Appliance and Electronics. One can actually grab LED TV, Laptops guilt free online and on the other hand get splendid wallet and bank offers.


Exclusive Flipkart Offers & Discounts under these Sales

As we already discussed that Flipkart comes up with amazing sales to give away products at affordable rates. They value your time and money and thereby tries to bring you sale on the best of brands like Hitachi, Lee, Vans, Usha, Apple and much more!

Here are the site-wide flipkart offers & coupons which are generally applicable to every sale

  1. Flat 5% off through Axis Bank

Yes, Axis bank is your bank which provides discount upto 5% that is up to Rs.200/- on your total Purchase. This offer is applicable to all users and all categories. It has no minimum purchase value so no worries to take.

  1. 10% off from HDFC bank

HDFC offer comes with the sales and offers flat 10% on the total purchase with the minimum purchase of Rs.5000 or more though this offer is applicable to all users but can only be retained if payment is made through Flipkart app.

  1. 15% cashback on Phonepe

This offer powered by Phone pe generally comes with any electronic sale where the minimum purchase amount turns out to be Rs.2000 or more. User will get 15% cashback in one go!

Now, let us look onto the Flipkart sales which eventually turns out to be a savior of all customers.


Flipkart New Year Sale

New Year always comes up with lots of excitement, gifts, happiness and much more and to double the glitter of your smile flipkart has the New Year sale packed for customers like you! The sale generally comes up for 5-6 days somewhere in the first week of January.

This sale includes everything like “everything” whether you want to shop washing machines or book, you will the most affordable rate here. There are major categories like Flipkart offers more than 40% off on Electronics, 50% off on Smartphones, 70% off on Clothing, etc.

  • Offers on Mobiles under this sale

Well, mobile phones are the most crucial part of our life now and now there are many smartphones in the market which have high quality features and it is our duty to be updated with the new technologies. Thereby the Mobile section is the mandatory thing in Flipkart New Year sale that too with 50% off with major Brands: HTC, Samsung, Apple, One Plus, Mi, Asus, Moto and many more.

Flipkart provides discount up to 50% on the latest and premium smartphones but here is the additional offer that you cannot refuse to where you can get exchange offer up to Rs.20,000 (depending solely upon your product).

  • Sale on Fashion and Clothing Apparels

When it comes to Clothing and Fashion Apparels we always tend to get in the dilemma thinking about the quality and delivery but Flipkart is here which offers A1 quality product with timely delivery, one can save their penny by actually shopping on Flipkart.

There are many brands which are associated with Flipkart like Divastri, Lee, Levis, Forever 21, woodland and providing discounts upto 70% in New year and all the premium brands lower their price with the sale and they also offers the combo deals like Buy one Get one free.

  • Offers on Electronics

Thinking of purchasing a LED? Or a Washing Machine or a Refrigerator? Flipkart New year sale is the perfect time. This sale does not only gives you electronics at affordable rates but also make sure that you get free 1 year brand warranty.

And of-course with the terrific discounts and deals on Electronics. Last year the most selling brand of electronics was HP which sold around 50,000 products that majorly include speakers and laptops. This sale have the option of exchanging your product and getting discount up to Rs.10,000/-

  • Home Appliances

When we feel the shift to change our interiors the first thing comes in our minds or Home Appliances and Flipkart new year sale give amazing price list on Home Appliances like Washing Machines, Gyeser, refrigerators.

Brands like Philips, Flipkart Smart Buy, Sony, Usha are a part of this sale every year and offers great discounts for all users.

Flipkart Republic Day sale

Flipkart Republic day sale is just the golden opportunity for people out there to grab pendrives, hard disks, earphones etc. at Rs.1/-. So never miss out Flipkart Republic day sale. This sale generally comes up in the month of January during republic week and caters deals on categories of Mobiles, Fashion apparels, storage devices and much more!

  • Mobiles Deals and Offers

Avail cashback and discount of 30-40% on the top selling models and brands like Xioami Redmi 5, Xiaomi redmi A1, One Plus 5. One plus 3, Moto,etc with every Flipkart Republic day sale.

Smartphones are available with the bank offers as well as exchange offers on both website as well as mobile app.

  • Fashion and Clothing Offers

Get the best of your fashion apparels and accessories with the flipkart republic day sale from your favorite brand like Divastri, Le cooper, Zara, drapes,etc.

Get the Fashion Parade on and fill your cart and make your style statement with almost 80% off on shirts, tees, footwear, sarees, pants and much more!

  • Offers on Electronics

Get the most out of the republic day sale by shopping the electronics with affordable rates. The store include the sub categories like Earphones, Headphones, Laptops, Televisions and Home Theaters.

Major brands which are affiliated with the sale are HP, Sanyo, Kodak, Samsung, vu, Prestige and many more! Shop with flat 40% discount on Electronics.

  • Sale on Home Appliances Products

If you love innovation then Flipkart Republic sale is the best time for you as here you will get everything you need for your home with amazing cashback.

One can go for automatic kitchen chimneys or sofa sets. There are discount upto 60% off on Home Appliances.


Flipkart Valentine’s Day sale

The month of love, the month of attraction, the month of consolidation and the month of expression. Flipkart understands the value of your emotions and thereby give auspicious deals in the month of February.  If you are worried about what to gift your loved one then Flipkart is here with discount upto 60% off on all products

  • Deals on Smartphones in this Flipkart sale

Nothing is better than gifting your girlfriend or boyfriend a smartphone. Smartphone comes with the latest technologies and amazing features so one cannot to say to no to smartphones under this flipkart Valentine’s day sale

There are many products which are being offered at affordable prices. , Mobiles at Flipkart starts at Rs.6,000/- onwards.

  • Fashion and Clothing 

Confused about what to wear on special occasions. Then here is the solution available on Flipkart sale. Choose your own styling Dress, Crop Top, Tees, Kurtis, Cold shoulder shirts.

Get discount upto 60% on all the major brands and all the major categories, So shop now!

  • Electronics 

Ever thought of gifting an oven or a microwave to your wife? Make your every valentine a new D-day by choosing the handpicked gifts offered in Flipkart Valentines day sale.

Get Microwaves starting at Rs.3000/- only or you can also go for washing machine which has a subsequent decrease in 30% of its price. Top brands like
LG, Panasonic, Bajaj, Samsung, IFb are offering eye popping offers.

  • Home Appliances

Why not to shop when there is a sale? Flipkart offers a huge discount on all the categories under Flipkart Valentines day sale on products like Curtains, Tables, Sofa sets, Refrigerators, Geysers.

Flipkart also has one more surprise for you followed by the amazing bank offer in which one can get discount upto Rs.1000/- on HDFC bank debit or credit card.


Offers under the Flipkart Holi Sale

The best time of the year is on Holi after the month of love we normally tend to celebrate the month of Colors with enthusiastic power. To give it’s customer extra happiness Flipkart goes on with the Holi Sale in which one can actually win a gift hamper by purchasing upto Rs.10,000 or more!

  • Mobiles

Under this Flipkart Holi sale, Smartphones offered at a rate of Rs.5000/- onwards from all the premium brands like LG, Jio Life, Mi, Micromax, Moto,etc.

The top brands like Apple is offered at 56% off, One Plus 5 can be availed with Rs.3000 cashback with HDFC Bank, Mi phones can be purchased only on sales and much more.

  • Fashion and Clothing

Holi always brings the excitement of gifts, new clothes, new things so why not Flipkart. Shop Fashion apparels here and get amazing offers like Buy one Get 2 free, Buy 2 get 3 free.

One can go for Kurtis which is at a sale of 40% discount, go for Ethnic suits starting at Rs1000, men’s shirt can be availed from Rs.200 onwards and much more! Explore now.

  • Deals on Electronics

Flipkart Holi sale is offering discount upto 60% on all Electronics brand slike Wirlpool, LG, Lenovo, Panasonic, HP, Apple, etc. Still the confusion of buy or not? Get the least price here.

Lenovo Laptops can be purchase from R.18,000/-, Refrigerators are being sold at 20% discount, Mcbook can be availed with cashback of Rs.1000/- or more!

  • Flipkart Sale on Home Appliances

Guests coming up on your place this holi and you are wondering about your interiors then Flipkart offers is the medicine for you. Choose your product type and get easy payment methods.

Change the curtains of your house as curtains are available for Rs.199/-, make your Kitchen technological by using automatic chimney cleaner with 45% of discount.


Flipkart Big Summer Sale 2018

Summer is the season of trends and to make you trendier as the store gets along with the Flipkart Big Summer sale which generally occurs during the mid-week of May and continue for 1 week or two.

  • Mobiles Offers under this sale

Mobiles are the core products, last seen it was seen a 56% jump in the purchase of Mobile phones. No matter our population love smartphones and the latest technologies.

Thereby to provide them with amazing discount Flipkart Big summer sale is here with flat 40% off on all the smartphones. Touch screen mobiles can be availed at Rs.3000/- onwards.

  • Fashion and Clothing

The summery breeze and shopping still awaited? Fill your Flipkart cart with n-numbers of clothes and accessories that you look for from the coolest and trending brands.

Get your Michael Kors sunglasses with 35% discount, get your Titan wrist watch starting from Rs.1500/- onwards, get your cool white shorts only for Rs.299/-.

  • Home Appliances

Set your budget and choose the variety of products you need this summer season. Though there are brands which are offering a splendid discount like Kent, Haier, Wirlpool, Samsung and much more.

Get your R.O at Rs.2000/- onwards. Haier offering 40% off on Air Conditioner, Whirlpool washing machines can be availe don exchanging your old machine with upto Rs.10,000 off.


  • Electronics

Bored of the old things at your home. Try giving your home a new look this summer season with some light color selection of refrigerators, laptops, iron ad much more.

There are all the premium brands available under this sale. Chroma offers you its products at 45% discount, LG refrigerators starts at Rs.20,000 and air conditioners can be availed upto 50% off.

Flipkart Big Freedom Sale 2018

Flipkart celebrates freedom of India by offering a great discount that is around 50% off on all the categories. This sale usually turns out in August, in independence week. Flipkart always throw away low rate products to exclusive customers with the mobile app.

  • Flipkart Offers on Mobiles

Flipkart Big Freedom sale brings about 50% discount on all smartphones with top brand like Samsung, Apple, HTC, Mi, One Plus, Moto, Lenovo, Jio Life,etc.

Best Products under the Big Freedom sale are Mi Redmi  A1 at rs.6000/-, Moto X with 35% discount, Apple 5s with 27% off and many other products yet to explore!

  • Fashion and Clothing Deals

Giving flat 50% off on fashion and clothing is not less than a fairy tale. One can shop from sub categories like Ethnic, western, indo western, watches, sunglasses, footwear and Jeans.

Ethnic suits can be purchase rom Rs.1000/-, sunglasses are available with 30% discount. Premium wrist watches shows 40% discount.

  • Major Offers on Electronics

Electronics have become a very important part in our lives and thereby Flipkart see the urge of selling at affordable rates. Flipkart Big Freedom sale is one where you will get Electronics, your favorite product with whopping discount of 60%.

Additionally, you can avail bank offers, exchange offers upto Rs.15,000, no cost Emi on your credit cards and  much more.

  • Home Appliances

Beautify your place without spending much! Under this Big freedom day sale when everything is at 50% off then why not Home Appliances.

Get your favorites model of Kitchen accessory, Water Purifiers, Geysers, Air Conditioners, Oven, Microwaves, Laptops or LED.


Flipkart Big Billions Day sale 2018

Flipkart Big Billions Day sale usually takes place in the Month of September every Year with the most trending and exclusive products onn with the discount of 40% off on mobiles, Big Appliances, Kitchen appliances, Electronics and Fashion!

  • Mobiles Offers under this Flipkart Sale

The top-notch brands offering great discount upto 30% off on Flipkart Big Billion days sale. The sale usually starts from 12.00 am in the morning and lasts for 2-3 days.

The bestselling mobiles of the last year are Redmi Note 4 at Rs.10,000, iPhone 7 at Rs.38,000, Lenovo K8 for Rs.8999/- and many more.

  • Fashion and Clothing Deals in this sale

A canvas is made from the customer’s choice where they are provided with easy emi options, cashback offers, bank offers on almost all categories and majorly brands.

Flipkart offers make sure that your get top quality products from brands like Puma, Adidas, Titan, Pretty you, Mango, Reebok, etc.

  • Major Deals on Electronics

When it comes to electronics that to purchasing online we set ourselves in the dilemma of buying up to what budget but here Flipkart brings you with this opportunity and allows discount of 60% on all electronics products.

Major Electronics which were trending last year are VU LED TV for Rs.39,000/-, Bosch washing machine at Rs.26,000, Haier automatic washing machine for Rs.10,000 and much more.

  • Home Appliances

Sales like this generally attracts massive attention many orders Home Appliances can be purchase by customers with NO COST EMI on credit cards and affordable pricing of the valued brands.

Get a home theater with 40% discount because comfort is all you need, LED TV starting at Rs.10,000/-, Get away with washing machines offered at30% lesser price.

 Flipkart Christmas Sale 2018

Like all other festivals, Christmas proves to be the one in which we get lost if gifts from our Santa Claus. Flipkart is our Santa as it platforms some heartwarming deals in major categories. Flipkart Christmas Sale assembles from 21st December every year and continues till 26th December. One cannot afford to miss sales like these.

  • Why Shop for Mobiles under this sale

When we talk about surprises and gifts smartphones can never go wrong! Christmas Sale platforms all the top brands on sale so that people can get their product at affordable rates

Buying Apple phone was never so easy but Here Flipkart brings you about 38% discount in apple smartphones. Flat RS.2000/- off on Moto smartphones, explore the fantastic sale now this December.

  • Fashion and Clothing

Who does not want to look pretty on Christmas? The store understand that your work is valuable thereby brings on discount upto 80% on clothing and fashion accessories.

Buy a red dress for RS.300/ only and get Zara jeans with 35% off. One can also choose any mode of payment i.e pay via cash on delivery or net banking or card which ever is convenient.

  • Electronics Offers

Yes, yes, yes electronics. Well, as Christmas brings a lot of excitement with the month of December Flipkart offers deals on electronics in which one can get top brands products starting at Re.500/- only.

Purchase Dell Laptop with the Discount of 30% or go for semi automatic washing machine for RS.9,000/- by saving 20% of your money.

  • Home Appliances Deals

Flipkart is offering flat 40% off on Home appliances like iron, iron table, computers, washing machine,etc.

With the top brands like Philips, Whirlpool, LG, Godrej. One can book thoer product from Flipkart mobile app or website.


Exclusive Flipkart Sales & Carnival Offers on Major Categories

Flipkart has number of categories like Electronics, Mobiles, Footwear, Cameras, Clothes, Accessories, etc. The store makes sure that give discount on almost every category and to make that possible they have different sales for different categories. Like Mobile Carnival, Accessories Carnival, Footwear sale and much more.

Flipkart Mobile Sale

They care about your need! As smartphone is the basic necessity now-a-days then bringing out exclusive deals of mobiles make then earn a good profit. There are many sales which are related only to smartphones in Flipkart to make people aware of the discounted rates.

Splendid deals like Samsung carnival, Mi carnival, offers on One plus, Moto fest, every Wednesday sale on Mi smartphones, Flipkart Mobile Fest, additional bank offers are a part of this section too!

Flipkart Camera Sale

The premium brands like Canon, Nikon are associated with the store and thereby the flipkart offers sale on Cameras weekly that too discount of Rs.2000/- on the premium models.

Cameras come under the sales like Big Electronics sale, DSLR fest, 10% off on Nikon,etc.

Flipkart app offers

Apart from all the major deals and offers there are offers which are exclusively available for customers with mobile app. Whether one is new user or existing user you can attain some of the deals if you own Flipkart App.

These deals include high discount of one particular brand say Zara, during the sale period (any) if you book your product via app then you can also earn cash back up to Rs.3000/-.  I bet you won’t get any deal better than this.

Flipkart Deals of the day

When Flipkart is offering jaw-dropping prices on brands and categories. The store also surprises us with deals of the day offers on flipkart which mostly include one brand or particular product for the sale.

Flipkart comes up everyday sale like up to 70% off on women Wednesday which includes products from soch, Divastri, etc. Then you can see flat discount of 30% of gaming laptop on Fridays and so on.

Flipkart Sale on Watches

If you are planning to buy wrist watches then you are on the right platform. Get the best of designs from Titan, Fastrack, sonata with the discount of 30% in just one go under this sale on watches on flipkart.

Book your piece through mobile app or desktop you will be rewarded with 30% discount on the original price.Flipkart allows you to pay via any method. Being one of the best in the e-commerce stores it has made many genuine customers and one cannot deny from this. Offering the great deals and eye popping price is just the reason to choose Flipkart.